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Packaging: Fingerprint Jewelry by Peterson MADE

Custom Box Design | Peterson MADE

Fingerprint Jewelry Impression Kits are a new product offering made custom by Barb Peterson with Peterson MADE. Barb runs Peterson MADE out of her Charlotte, NC home studio and uses traditional goldsmithing techniques to create jewelry with a modern aesthetic.

These custom jewelry kits are all about memories, family, and capturing a moment in time. They are the perfect gift to send to your loved one(s) — child, partner, grandparent, or even your pet — if you want to have a piece of them forever.

The Box Design

First, let’s talk about the box design. Barb wanted a more abstract representation of the meaning behind the impressions. This imperfect dandelion design also mimics roughly inked fingerprints. The meaning behind the dandelion flower (or herb, as some consider) is that it is a gift to a loved one that will provide happiness. And that is exactly the purpose of these gift-worthy boxes.

On the top exterior of the box, we also included a spot varnish of a fingerprint just behind the Peterson MADE logo. It’s a fun and subtle addition to the box to make more of an “impression” on customers. Take a look at the video to view some of the behind the scenes process that went into color and varnish decisions.

The Process

And now, on to the impression process! Here’s what happens when you purchase a piece from Barb’s fingerprint jewelry collection:

  1. First, pick out your favorite piece from the collection (click here to browse).
  2. Complete your purchase by choosing how many charms you want and the metal used for the charm.
    • Tip: If you are purchasing a full necklace or adding on a chain, you can also choose the chain finish and length.
  3. A full Fingerprint Jewelry Impression Kit will be shipped to you, including all materials, instructions, and return shipping supplies.
  4. Follow the included instructions to make a finger (or paw) imprint in the wax mold.
  5. Package up your impression and send it back to Barb for her to finish your piece.
  6. Within 3 to 6 weeks, you will receive your own custom and precious keepsake jewelry piece.
Fingerprint Jewelry Packaging | Peterson MADE
Image from Barb Peterson

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