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Candle Labels for The Cocktailery

Candle Labels for The Cocktailery

We created a handful of candle labels for The Cocktailery back in August, just in time for their new product launch and store opening.

The Cocktailery’s brand style guide was our main inspiration for the candle labels — it features lots of geometric lines and angles so of course these had to be on brand. On the About Us page of their website, you can see some of those lines and angles in action on the team bio graphics we also created.

Each of these soy wax candles is hand-poured in Charlotte, NC and are named after fan favorite cocktails. They also feature those glorious wood wicks that crackle and pop for a bonus audible experience.

When you look at these candles as a full line of products, you can immediately see the similarities in the labels — the same base shapes, placement of the logo, and illustration style. Each scent does have its own unique illustration, depending on what flavor notes are in the candles. All of the borders and flourishes are a bit different on each scent’s label so that variety still has a place in this product line-up.

Part of our packaging and label design process includes sourcing printers if that is something our clients need help with. (We also have a list of favorites here!) So when we made it to production mode for these candle labels for The Cocktailery, we chose to use a soft-touch label with gold foil accents to make each candle scent stand out against their dark teal / peacock blue brand color.

You can shop these scents and more on The Cocktailery’s website, as well as at their shop in Atherton Mill in Charlotte, NC.


Art Direction: Dana Gray
Designer: Karlie Altherr


Instagram: @thecocktailery
Shop in store: 2000 South Blvd Suite 430, Charlotte, NC 28203

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