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Packaging: Pretty Honest Candles

Custom Tape Design | Pretty Honest Candles

Andrea Richter owns Pretty Honest Candles, a growing and thriving Charlotte, NC candle company. She came to us wanting to increase the visual appeal of her packaging, and we gladly obliged.

(If you haven’t heard of Pretty Honest Candles, you are absolutely missing out. We’re not just saying that because she is a dear friend and client. Andrea’s candles have hands down *the best* scents that our noses have ever laid nostrils on. The company’s tag line doesn’t lie: “Soy Candles That Don’t Suck”. Pretty Honest Candles has been featured in BuzzFeed, Apartment Therapy, Good Morning America, and quite a few other noteworthy online blogs.)

After Andrea saw our Shop Local sticker, she decided she wanted a similar style to show off on her shipping boxes and interior paper wrapping. She wanted the designs to be generic enough for multiple uses, but somewhat product specific at the same time. Three top selling Pretty Honest products are featured in the illustrations and use existing peach and black brand colors.

Custom Tape Design | Pretty Honest Candles
Packaging Tape for Pretty Honest Candles

Any good packaging tape design should be able to stand alone, but also thrive as a seamless repeat pattern.

This packaging tape for Pretty Honest Candles features custom illustrations and lettering to accompany the san serif brand font. We used their “Fragile AF” packaging stickers and current candle jar labels as inspiration on creating the hand lettered text.

If you are in need of a print vendor for packaging or tape, take a look at our top three resources: Sticker Mule, NoIssue, and EcoEnclose.

Creative Director: Dana Gray
Graphic Designer: Karlie Altherr

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