4 Reasons Your Brand Matters

4 Reasons Your Brand Matters

A brand consists of many things: a well-designed logo, cohesive elements like patterns or icons, a usable color palette for all print & digital collateral, a certain way to speak to your customers, an impression left on your customers… you get the idea. Branding is everything your business stands for and hopes to become.


1. Your brand improves recognition

Having a cohesive brand across all platforms (including social media, digital marketing, and print collateral) makes it 100x easier (yes, accurate data) for customers to understand what you or your business is all about. Being clear and consistent with your messaging leaves little room for confusion or questions from your customers. When there are questions, the way you respond will also become familiar to them.


2. Your brand inspires professionalism

Who doesn’t like being clean cut and put together? Implementing your brand identity means you are capable of applying and following guidelines, you’re committed to what you know and love, and you care enough about your customers and clients to make sure you (and your brand) are being consistent. That’s dedication, and it screams “professional”.


3. Your brand creates loyalty

In a way, your customers will become your most dear, loyal friends (but only if you’re providing them with great customer service). If you’re tugging at their heartstrings or making them feel one ounce of emotion about a certain product or service, they are likely to purchase your product or use your service again. They will tell their friends and family about you and share about you on social media. These people are the real deal.


4. Your brand generates sales

This goes hand-in-hand with the above. Keeping your customers at the top of your priority list is the best thing you can do for your business if you want to exceed your sales goals. Using customer-centric marketing strategies will help create loyalty from your customers, and from that loyalty comes repeat business.


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